Secrets of successful eCommerce or how to earn more!

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Inspired by Seth Godin’s bestseller “All Marketers Are Liars” I decided to make a research among our Magento merchants and know whether the key idea of the book works in a real life.

Seth Godin states”Don’t just tell me the facts, tell me the story instead. People want your resume, your ads, your description and your customer service to tell them a story which they are ready to believe.”

And that is the reason why you and I believe that sushi from the Japanese Chef are better or organic food is healthier. This is the power of story.

No matter WHAT to sell – the point is HOW to sell.

You used to storytelling since the childhood. And this is exactly a great story that makes kids believe in Santa and his Christmas adventures or makes girls believe that only limited edition pumps from Louboutin $600 for the pair will make them cool and eye-popping. Storytelling is amazing, because it sells like nothing and no one else!

Examples: Real life Magento stories

Magento merchants are wise enough to use killer descriptions. We offer you some remarkable variants from MageWorx clients.

Author`s note: While reading this in a jiff I forgot about the daily city buzz: felt  summer odor in the office, imagined myself lying in a hammock enjoying countryside calmness, felt the sweet taste of honey and saw cute bees collecting it for me ;) Indeed, it`s a very easy-to-imagine relaxing story.
The description is taken from:


Author`s note: Imagine a mom reading this. She will for sure buy the toy & tell her daughter the story she`s already been inspired that this doll likes orange juice and putting on bandages, that one day she was just a puppet, but magically came to life and now helps everyone.
The description is taken from:


Author`s note: A word can make wonders. While reading this description willy-nilly you dive into the vibe of meditation, pleasant scent and the hypnotic power of fire. Lots of women will have a clear picture of a romantic evening with their the-only-one after reading this.
The description is taken from:


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  1. Pretty Good Article on making eCommerce business successful !


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