Congratulations, you are halfway to owning the Rolls-Royce of eCommerce

Ecommerce Solutions

Why EZ*Store eCommerce solutions are right for you

Unlimited marketing potential

EZ*Store eCommerce opens your products up to South African consumers and attracts more buyers with easy to implement special, loyalty rewards, and more. Reach international customers and potential buyers worldwide.

Mobile Design

Give your customers the perfect buying experience with our carefully designed themes and streamlined checkouts, all from their mobile devices.


Utilizing secure layer encryption for sensitive data for complete peace of mind for your company and customers.

Industry leading platform

Drawing on the power and flexibility of the eCommerce leading platform Magento. Customizable and flexible it can handle just about anything you throw at it.

Unlimited Expansion

Virtually unlimited scalability so that your store never has to run out of space.

Peace of Mind

Our flexible support packages are designed to handle any issues you may face.

At a Glance

Your essential package is the EZ*Store 999 . It represents everything that we are promoting in this digital age. If you wanted to test out the potential of EZ*Store with little or no risk, then the EZ*Store 499 is for you. Limited support and a pretty much DIY solution, makes this a solution for early start-ups.

EZ*Store 1999 and EZ*Store 4999 are for established businesses with budgets that allow for investment into the digital world. With no place for errors, the support systems in place offer timely and precise consultation on implementation of changes and uploads to products and product categories as well as marketing other internet based queries.

EZ*Store 499

Ideal for entrepreneurs with a few products that have the time and experience on the web to experiment and play around with their EZ*Store - Startup

Store fees: 499 ZAR pm
Setup cost: Starting from 2,999 ZAR

What you get:

  • EZ*Store - Basic
  • EZ*Support - Basic
  • EZ*Speed - Basic
EZ*Store 999

Recommended for businesses that want a professional look and feel and combines the power of EZ*Store - Retailer with the EZ*Speed - Accelerate .

Store fees: 999 ZAR pm
Setup cost: Starting from 5,999 ZAR

What you get:

  • EZ*Store - Retailer
  • EZ*Support - Bronze
  • EZ*Speed - Accelerate
EZ*Store 1,999

Professional solution with EZ*Store - Merchant option, technologically enhanced for high-volume sales stores.

Store fees: 1,999 ZAR pm
Setup cost: Starting from 9,999 ZAR

What you get:

  • EZ*Store - Merchant
  • EZ*Support - Gold
  • EZ*Speed - Nitro
  • Personalized ‘Service Level Agreement’
EZ*Store 4,999

Enterprise solution for serious selling. Ultimate power combo offering the top of our range solutions bundled together.

Store fees: 4,999 ZAR pm
Setup cost: Starting from 9,999 ZAR

What you get:

  • EZ*Store - Enterprise
  • EZ*Support - Platinum
  • EZ*Speed - Nitro Plus
  • Personalized ‘Service Level Agreement