With great power comes great responsibility! Enjoy the full power of Magento while ensuring your customers have a smooth, enjoyable, and responsive experience. Offering Fast, Reliable, and Secure hosting.


What is EZ*Speed

EZ*Speed is our Premium Hosting solution for your EZ*Store .  We offer you highly optimized, fully managed, and security hardened hosting geared specifically for the Magento platform and making it run FAST! Capitalizing on our partnership and experience, we are able to offer to you a wide range of hosting solutions for you to choose from to get your EZ*Store online.

Shared Cloud vs VPS  vs Dedicated

It is easy these days to get lost in the terminology, latest technology, and big words used today to describe hosting offered.Well we are not going to worry bout trying to teach you what this means as we have a better and simpler solution. It called EZ*Speed hosting.

With EZ*Speed we offer a range of hosting options from entry-level (yet extremely powerful) options for smaller EZ*Stores - Basic , right through to complex load balanced solutions for EZ*Stores - Enterprise receiving high volumes of traffic. We will happily assist you in finding the best option suited to fit your EZ*Store .

When assisting you in choosing your EZ*Speed solution we take into account details like: number of SKUs, prospective visitor count, if you need multiple stores, option for scalability to support large influx of visitors from marketing campaigns, and more.

In a nutshell we offer:

Super fast, reliable, redundant and secure network.

Our network has several redundant links to the internet with advanced security and uptime monitoring to virtually eliminate network downtime.

High Performance Magento Hosting

Fast and secure multi-core servers allow for easy and fast upgrades and transfer to different hardware with minimal downtime.

High levels of Security and Reliability.

As and when new server security patches/updates are released we’ll ensure your server is updated with the latest fix, and regularly do server security sweeps, keeping your data safe, site running and your customers happy.