Cremona Arms

The Company

Cremona arms was started by Orazio Cremona in 1998. Cremona Orazio is both a Springbok and Protea National Olympic Trap shooter and has won major competitions nationwide and competed in many countries around the world. Still committed now, Orazio wants to expand the gun trade leaning on the hunting expertise of George Loubser who will be handling the gun trade with Orazio.

The company was started to provide designated shotguns for each clay shooting discipline, at that stage not easily available. At a later stage the importing of ammunitions began and then clays and fully automated clay throwing machines. Orazio installed the first fully automatic range in South Africa at Durban Deep Skeet Club near Roodepoort while he was chairman. DDS Club was back then the best range in the country consisting of 2 Skeet, 2 Olympic Trap, 4 American Trap, and various Sporting ranges. Orazio remained chairman for 4 years. Cremona Arms Still continues to make an impact in the gun, trading market by directly importing and trading with local dealers

“Since switching to EZCOM I have switched from a ‘DIY’ mode to letting the ‘Pros’ do it. The results have been amazing and we are selling very well!”
– George Loubser, CremonaArms

The Challenge

Cremona Arms needed an eCommerce site that would stand out from the rest. They have one of the largest stocks of items in South Africa and it was important that the look and feel of their site showed this. The hosting they had available was not optimized to handle this type of product quantity.

Some details from the project are:

  • Hosting 5000+ items seamlessly
  • License verification and registration was required in shopping process
  • For shipping of certain products special legal requirements were required
  • Checkout procedures needed to be modified
  • Custom order management workflow implemented
  • SEO optimization was extremely important due to limitations opting for convention online advertizements
  • Link product feeds to price comparison websites to increase sales
  • Social media integration and pages

“Since launching my website I now have my phone ringing constantly with new clients inquiring about our products!”
– George Loubser, CremonaArms

EZcom’s Role:

  • Setting up EZ*Store with Custom Theme
  • Additional Development and Support
  • Setting up Cremona Arms on Social Networks
  • Managed Hosting Solutions
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Ongoing Support and Online sales campagins

Project Details