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About Us

EZCOM equals a passion a for online sales.

This is South Africa’s internet age! It’s an exciting time for us and our clients as we watch the sector boom. We aren’t doing guesswork here, the USA and Europe have moved into eCommerce and have seen traditional sales methods drop. South Africa is following closely behind, and we can practically predict how this will play out.

With years of experience in the IT sector globally, EZCOM brings to South Africa the solutions it needs at the time it needs it the most.

The founders, Daniel and Ryan have been involved in IT and software development since the beginning of the internet era over 15 years ago. Extensive experience in the USA and Europe at major IT firms gives a strong case for your partnering with us on your eCommerce journey.

why we chose Magento and you should choose it too:

When Magento was first launched in 2008 we closely followed the platform’s development and quickly identified it as the next big thing to happen in the eCommerce world. Magento has since its launch quickly expanded to now being used by over 100,000 merchants worldwide.

With years of experience in creating websites and rolling out eCommerce solutions we are happy to see the platform emerge as the leader and choice solution for merchants around the world and companies ranging from small online stores to large stores for global brands spread across multiple continents.

We are passionate about Magento and also committed to contributing to the development of the platform. In 2011 we were accepted as a Magento MVP to help admin and moderate Magento’s South Africa forum. We were happy to accept this position as our focus is to help contribute to the local Magento Community. We are also active in contacting companies and creating new partnerships for the developments of new Magento extensions geared for the Southern Africa market.